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11:00 AM

10 mi


6:54 mi


155 lb


40 F


6 / 10
6 / 10
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Ash Gravel


Another unseasonable day, this time with no wind. So I decided I would do an old staple for my route, NE to some gravel. I used to run probably 50% of my runs here when I trained in Ankeny over college summers. Now I almost never do it.

Not hard to see why, it is a very exposed route, which was ok back when I ran at 9 PM, but now I never do that so the route is either too sunny in the summer and too windy in the winter. As for the spring and summer? Well, it takes nearly 3.5 files to get to the gravel, so it's really only worth doing if running 9+ miles, aka, another thing I did a lot in college, but not so much anymore (especially not during base training).

I was also concerned the route name wouldn't apply anymore. But I did see some cows in the distance.

Now that I'm sure you've all enjoyed my overly discussed route talk, this run brought me into the medium workout territory. 5min tempo, 4min a little faster, 3min a little faster. Rest was maybe 75% of the time. My breathing felt more taxed than preferable, but my legs felt pretty good. I'd be fine with more runs like this.