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5:00 PM

9.5 mi


6:38 mi


155 lb


55 F


5 / 10
5 / 10
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Lea Wilson


55 can't feel this cold right? It must have been a cold wind as I just had a t-shirt on and pulled a blanket from my car while waiting for Kyle. We ran to a bike path I've never tried in Ankeny. It's just a little too far through town to get to, but we started our run much closer.

It was really nice, good cover from sun and wind, a few street crossings though. We went under I-35 (which, btw, I don't think I've ever done on a run from Ankeny) with a small loop that got us back faster. I stopped short of 10 to make sure I got to a bathroom.



You probably don't want to come up north for a while then... Still in the 30s around here with lots of wind. I can't seem to put the tights a jacket back on though, so I'm just cold on every run.


Well, today it was 45 and I was too hot in just a long sleeve t. So who knows what's going on.

Either way, shall we hang up north in May?


Let's do it! Interested in a 10 mile on May 5th? It looks like a pretty cool race, I've never done it though.


Fee: Free! Sounds suspicious or awesome.


It's part of a trail series... they aren't big races but if last year's winner show up again it will be a race for 2nd. Ben Cogger is the SHT Trail Race 50k record holder, and Voyageur 50 record holder. He's legit.


I saw his time from last year, 55:39. You know I've run faster right? And from what I remember from my last race in Duluth, there are no hills in Duluth, so clearly it's a fast course...


Sounds like you should put your money where your mouth is!


Ah crap. I did 1 hill today and suffered. But I'm liking it.