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4:30 PM

9 mi


6:47 mi


160 lb


60 F


6 / 10
4 / 10
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Joined Sutton for his 5 mile Tempo @ 5:30 pace. I wasn't planning on joining him for the whole thing (still pampering my hamstring and haven't done much for workouts), but I went shorter than I had hoped.

4+ mile warmup that included a bathroom break for each of us. We started the tempo and it felt alright, not easy, not too difficult, and after a mile I figured I'd shoot for 2.5 miles. Things started to deteriorate quickly though, and soon I was thinking 2 miles, and then abruptly stopped at 1.5 miles just feeling bloated and out of breath. Right after I stopped the tempo pace, I needed to stop running altogether as apparently I needed another urgent bathroom break. Thankfully there was a porta potty a 1/2 mile ahead that I walked/slow jogged to.

Not the most encouraging of runs, but hopefully not a complete indication of my fitness. I also had the realization that the 10k I signed up for is in less than 2 weeks. Let's hope I can discover the fitness for that race.