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7:00 AM

18 mi


6:44 mi


160 lb


40 F


6 / 10
7 / 10
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Another 70degree day coming, but not yet 40 at 7am so a hat and gloves to start, great temps for a long run though.

I thought most people were starting at 7am, but I guess it was just 4 of us as we did 3 miles and returned for the rest of the group (which ended up being 10+ people) to do the actual route (which was either 13 or 15 miles, depending on who you ask). I enjoyed the warm-up though, as we took it easy and I ditched my headband afterwards.

With the big group, we quickly hit 7min pace and held it for 5 miles. Upon reaching the hills, Sutton would pull away on each uphill, but no one would join him, so he returned to us on each downhill. I knew once someone matched his pace, all paces would drop. I waited until after the 3rd hill to join him as we were getting close to the turnaround. We dropped pace but most were close behind and we rejoined at the 1 stoplight crossing. But after that we pulled away for good..

We had 1 last, long&gradual uphill, which we hit 6:20 for the mile. Then we starting going downhill and naturally doing 6:10 pace. That pace continued for the next 7 miles. Hard at times, but never troubled to keep the pace. I slowed down slightly the last mile, happy with 18 as Jake had to add on to get 16.