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7:00 AM

8 mi


7:08 mi


75 F


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First 90degree day of the summer for me. I thought I'd beat it by running early; it still felt terrible out though. Sunny and muggy are just never fun.

My workout plan was to start out with 2-3miles of tempo. Something wasn't working today though as I struggled to get through 2 miles in under 12 minutes.

I stopped by the track to hopefully feel better (different track than usual: my old middle school non-regulation concrete track). I did 2 400's in 76, which did feel better though the legs were still heavy. Finished with a few slightly uphill strides.

Not sure if it was the humidity, not wearing flats, or apparently being not at all recovered from Sunday's workout. The achilles also wasn't great, although it seemed to be hurting more around the achilles than the actual tendon. Either way, I think I'm taking 2 of the next 3 days off for the busy weekend.