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5:00 AM

12 mi


7:20 mi


160 lb


60 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Lake McBride


We'll call this a long run. Thorsday because I wanted some people to run with. Funny thing is it ended up being a lot of guys I have run with (Drew, Chase, Falco, Birch). There were others at times but mostly just us. I think we were going slower than my last Thorsday but at times I felt like it was quicker. I was feeling tired at times but made it to the spillway feeling good.

Then either Falco started cruising or my Tuesday workout caught up to me as the trail hills got the best of me. I actually lost ground on the downhills as I didn't want to push that hard to stay with Falco, Chase, and Birch (not that the uphills felt easy, I just accept that uphills require work).

So after the final uphill, I just cruised in the last mile with Drew (he was stuck behind me but not feeling great either) letting the other 3 escape.