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8:00 AM

8 mi


7:08 mi


160 lb


60 F


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Add 1 to the failed workouts tally. I suppose I should be happy that it's been nearly 2 of good training, but did it have to be the workout that I was simply going to go half-marathon pace? Not exactly a confidence booster for Dam to Dam when my speedier workouts have been going well.

Usual suspects for excuses:

1) Climbed last night - I haven't been concerned with this for a long time, though I did do a good amount of slab (slightly more stressing on the legs) and more upper body gym work than normal.

2) Stomach - Ate a banana beforehand, maybe a bad idea. My stomach didn't hurt but my chest felt like it didn't know how to breathe well, similar to that 10k race.

3) Just tired - I was tired running yesterday. But from what? The Sunday long run? The 62mile week? Now that I look at it, it was my biggest week since last July (which is a tad depressing).

Anyway, I started early and had a banana for a semi-race rehearsal. 3mile warm-up felt good. Started the tempo felt bad right away as it was a chore to get under 6min pace and just felt uncomfortable AND exhausting. I returned to a jog after a mile (5:55), hoping I might get my breathing under control. I started up again after a mile and did feel more relaxed, but still just felt like a lot of effort (5:52). I gave up on the workout and while the 2mile return trip wasn't slow, I felt like I had just raced, ridiculous shuffling.