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4:00 PM

16 mi


6:38 mi


155 lb


50 F


6 / 10
7 / 10


One more long run before I leave Cedar Rapids (though I doubt I'll be gone long as I might do a race around here). Some pleasant weather and company, but the logistics made things a little complicated. Drew and I ran 10min around the block waiting for a text from Chase. 10min was enough as we set a time to meet in ~40min (and not meeting at Drew's house thankfully). We did need to take an extended route the meeting place that required a failed loop and some shoulder running.

Met up with Chase, did 5 miles, and could return straight home perfectly for 16 miles. Chase joining did break up the run well, it felt like a break from 7.5-12.5 miles. Drew said we picked up the pace with Chase, but that wasn't really the case, maybe for a bit in the last mile. Drew then assumed we'd go faster for the last 4 miles, and I absentmindedly let that happen.

This all felt easy today, which is always good. Maybe I should extend my long runs, but I don't really have any races planned so that doesn't seem necessary.