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10:30 AM

11 mi


6:39 mi


155 lb


0 F


6 / 10
7 / 10


The snow had already begun falling, so I supported running earlier for better footing, instead of slightly higher temperatures later. This was because I still wanted to get a workout in today (just accepting there are no longer optimal days to do workouts).

We did make the workout just a simple continuous tempo so we wouldn't worry about pace and I wouldn't have to keep checking my watch. With an inch or two of fresh snow, it wasn't great footing, but I never slipped or worried about slipping. Just had a few stretches of deeper snow where slowing down was necessary.

The first 2 miles of tempo were about 6:20. I finally checked the 3rd mile split of 6:15 after feeling a bit too good. We gradually picked it up each mile and ended with a 5:55 on the last and 6th mile. In prime conditions, this would be a pretty pathetic tempo, but today felt fine. Who knows how much the snow slowed us down but still nice to get some sort of work done.

*Best ice beard of the season so far