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6:30 AM

2 mi


7:30 mi


160 lb


65 F


2 / 10
3 / 10
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I woke up to a hard rain. The first check was to the weather app, a large system was coming through, though not necessarily lightning. Next was Facebook. The Dam to Dam account seemed too optimistic while the comment section showcased many complaints and uncertainties. Apparently, buses were not letting people off at the start (due to weather), but that led to the people waiting for buses being stranded waiting for them.

I did end up going to the start almost as early as planned (got dropped off by Dad, which was ridiculously easy). I ran a half mile to the elite buses and hung out inside with Canton for a bit. After changing to flats and taking off my rain jacket, I ran the half mile to the start, getting drenched by the time we got there. Started with Sutton and Rosauer, then with Thompson and Sullivan.

About the time the race was supposed to start, we heard rumors of a delay. I'm not sure if this was due to a lightning strike some people heard, or so more buses could arrive, but soon it was confirmed a 30min delay. Not ideal timing as everyone was at the start line with nowhere to go. I at least could run some and stay warm (somewhat). I did some strides and 1 longer piece with Mitch and Sutton.

No cool down because the season is over (see separate season review)