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7:30 AM

8 mi


7:38 mi


25 F


4 / 10
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NW Gravel


After spotting Nick going out on a run during my walk yesterday, we made plans to run together this morning. He was at his parents which meant 2+ miles to get to him and today I wanted to take the shortest route, which meant Irvinedale. This is probably the closest road to my parents that I have never ran on (I think). It's a busier road without much of a shoulder. There have been sidewalks going up as new developments are built, but today I concluded they are fall from continuous, just a hodge-podge of 100m sections. But the snow has mostly melted so I could run in the ditch or the road at this "early" hour.

Nick joined me for 4miles and as usual I kept my normal pace without regard for his needs. But he didn't complain and in his words: "Got my long run and tempo in on the same run." He wasn't acting too tired until the end though as we had good conversations about dogs and the changes in running culture since our days. He coaches high school and basically every kid has a GPS watch and Strava to compare themselves to competitors.