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6:30 AM

7 mi


6:43 mi


160 lb


70 F


6 / 10
3 / 10
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High Trestle


Light! What do I need to do to get a good workout in? I tried running right away and without eating. I took a day off from running and climbing (ok, so I still did a hard ab workout and was sore from some pull-ups yesterday).

I felt pathetic right away. But I slowed down and regained some control to finish the mile in 5:34. 100sec rest and pushed through another 5:32. Another rest and a 5:37. Not the paces I wanted to hit nor the effort, but at least I did those as planned. Pretty much axed the rest of the workout and did 2 400m strides.

So not a total waste of a day, but I just wanted to an average workout. All in on taper-mode now and hope for the best. It was nice to check out my last couple halfs/10milers and I never had a good final workout (better than this though).

The week out forecast has a warm race day; I guess I'll have several reasons to start slow.