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8:30 AM

16.5 mi


6:33 mi


25 F


6 / 10
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Saturday Morning Long Run. It was a pleasant morning but still not above 30 so it was nice to get on some soft surfaces that weren't totally wet and sloppy. From the end of the trail, we looped to parts of Marion I'd never seen before. While in Marion, we spotted a brand new bike path. Drew didn't know it was finished so we jumped on.

We tested it out for a mile before turning back, but it seemed like it kept going a while. We kept on the bike path but eventually made our way back to the same trail, slightly more soft in the sun. My back was certainly getting worn down, but again the 2nd half felt better than the first half so I was happy.

I decided to actually check my records to compare my fastest long runs (can really only compare the past 3 years of GPS data). This isn't the fastest outright, but it is if I don't count long runs that included a workout. It doesn't quite compare to joining a woman on her workout of 14 miles @ marathon pace (6:15 pace) for 19 total. However, that was also the run that triggered my injury-filled 2017, so let's hope I'm taking better care of myself than 2 years ago.