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5:00 PM

11 mi


8:44 mi


160 lb


75 F


5 / 10
7 / 10
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Beverly Park


Drew brought up the idea of a long run, and I guess that sounded like a good idea. Though I did nix his 16mile gravel thought. Instead, we did more of the good stuff, singletrack at Beverly.

I took us through the center of the park, probably the least amount of miles run here, as evident by me looping us 3 times through 1 spot. But it got us to a loop in 40min instead of 30. Then we hit the gravel road for 3 quite quick miles. It felt good to stride out, though it was disappointing to see that a lot of the gravel had been paved.

Upon return to the trails, Drew said he needed to put on bball short to help with chaffing. I was reluctant, thinking I wouldn't want to head back out again. But I forced Drew to take the lead afterward and it worked out. I think we both felt pretty good the whole time as we got a good amount of hills and even some speed in.