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7:30 AM

7 mi


7:18 mi


160 lb


60 F


5 / 10
4 / 10
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High Trestle


Morning run because... morning race. Workout because... stubborness. 7 miles because.... apparently that's what I do this week.

After a few days of aborting a short workout, I just made myself do it. Not that I was feeling better than previous days, I still had slight pains in my right leg in 3 different places (mind you, fitness-wise, I've been feeling great).

I did a similar workout to one I've done before other longer races. Sort of a reverse of the norm, I started fast and then slowed as I lengthened the pieces. Started with some fast strides of 30sec then 1min. Then a 1/2 mile at ~10k before a mile at race pace (for a 10 miler). The idea is to feel relaxed and easy by the time race pace rolls around. I wouldn't say that happened, but it wasn't a bad workout. 3 days of easy running and little else will probably do the trick.