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11:00 AM

8 mi


7:30 mi


60 F


3 / 10
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2 days off, part convenience, part healing. Made it all the way from NY to Chicago on Sunday (getting pretty good at these long drives again). Unfortunately, neither Dirk nor Kim are up for more than a mile or 2 of running, so this was on my own (and the 500 other people I saw along the Lake Front).

The achilles was tight to begin with, but not really sore. Though it did get more noticeable at times. I'm not really sure what to do as I've never had an achilles issue before. Really just hoping that it's not affecting my normal stride adversely right now.


Emma Spoon

Keep me posted on the Achilles issue and any treatment you discover. I'm still having low Achilles/back of heel pain at the start of runs. It loosens up, but it doesn't feel like something I should just ignore...


No real proof, but I am feeling better this week after following the advice below, mainly no calf stretching, heel drops, and icing.

Emma Spoon

Thank you for those suggestions. I'm doing eccentric heel drops every chance I get!