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6:30 PM

7 mi


6:00 mi


160 lb


50 F


5 / 10
5 / 10
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Another track workout with Mitch, not sure if it was a good idea. What I identified as a hip issue has matured into groin/inside hamstring pain that manifests at the start of runs. But it tends to go away partially and this workout proved that I can run fast despite it.

Still, with the injury and Mitch having done an impromptu tempo yesterday, we were both thinking an easier workout. We started 800s again but kept to ~5:15 pace, hitting 2:40 (estimate), 2:33 (my bad), 2:37 x 4.

Those were feeling well enough so I thought we could do 2 400's to get some speedier times in. Mitch led the 1st one and this time he went too fast as we hit a 65 (I was thinking 70 would be a good idea). That was pretty rough but still did a final 400, I pushed hard but just hit 67.

Just over a mile cool-down as I'm not too interested in mileage this week.



We'll have to take a trip to Twin Springs (a.k.a. the fountain of youth) to ice this weekend! Heal you right up! Sounds like a good workout!