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5:30 PM

10 mi


7:00 mi


153 lb


55 F


3 / 10
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George Wyth


Another overcast day, which normally I would prefer, but right now it just means getting darker earlier. Nevertheless, it didn't matter, as I got 10 miles in with Rachel on the trails. Always nice to run 10 without it feeling like anything.



Does Rachel typically run 7 minute pace with you or are you just marking the runs as that?

Also, any interest in seeing how many comments we can put on a single entry? We could just turn it into a long conversation.


I'm not sure, my guess would be slightly slower but I wouldn't be surprised.

Basically if I just end at my place, I round down. But if I drop her off and then run back to my place by myself, I tend to add on until I get a 7min multiple.


It's nice you have her to run with. And that sounds like a good enough system I guess. Any plans for the weekend?


Saturday I'm doing some Train ride in Boone with the family. So I'll likely head home tonight, then maybe come back Saturday night or Sunday.


What was the train ride?


Scenic train ride on a steam engine trail and old passenger cars. Fun for about the 1st 1/2 hour, not as much the next 90 minutes.


Yeah, I did something like that with my family on a vacation once. I think it was an hour ride to some scenic stop and then another hour back. I could have done without the second hour as well.

I'm almost done with Season 3 of Game of Thrones. Have you caught up on it at all? It's so good. But then again it is all new to me. You have already read the books.


I haven't seen any of Season 3 of GoT or Spartacus. The problem is I'm willing to pay to get good quality, but they aren't available yet online. Maybe I'll just pirate them. And yes, I know everything that happens, but it's still fun to watch.

Running in the snow today?


Here is where I have been watching them. The quality is really good actually. I feel bad about watching them online, but I'm about 95% confident I will buy this series at some point.

Too bad you can't borrow Starz on demand to watch Spartacus. I don't think it will work to borrow a cable box though. I guess I'm not sure to be honest.

I'm planning on running after work. I guess I'll see if there is still snow on the ground.


Speaking of Game of Thrones. I just finished episode 9 of season 3 last night and was extremely disappointed by what happened. Why do characters that I like keep dying?


I assume you got to the red wedding?

I don't know why, maybe people are tired of happy endings and knowing what's going to happen.

Speaking of that, I got caught up on Walking dead on a random AMC marathon. That is another show that they like to kill of main characters.


Since it just happened I'm not sure it has been given a name yet, but I just watched the King of the North die if that is the red wedding. I do agree that it adds an element of surprise when main characters aren't invincible, but I also feel like a little part of the reason I watch is lost when they die. I guess that is why characters continue to get developed so that I am still attached to some part of the story.


The difference with characters getting killed off in the Walking Dead is that I typically want most of those idiots to die.


I think you know that rob isn't a main character in the book (or at least he doesn't have a point of view), but they developed him a lot more in the tv show, so the devastation was much worse for tv watchers. Also, in the book his wife isn't at the wedding so his child survives, not sure why they changed that.

Thankfully a lot of characters do survive (so far), but I agree you lose some connection when they add characters that weren't around in the beginning.


I actually forgot that Rob is not a main character in the book. I do remember you telling me about it before now though. That is strange that his wife wasn't at the wedding in the book. Seems like a pretty big change, but in the end it probably doesn't matter much.

I just tried to look up when the fourth season starts and all it says is early 2014. Sadly, the last two seasons didn't start until April.


I think you or I accidentally bought the movie "100 Degrees Below Zero" the Friday night you were here before the Timber Trek.


No, it probably doesn't matter, and she certainly hasn't been brought up much since then, who knows.

I was pretty confused trying to figure out your last comment. I don't remember seeing that title anywhere, but I also don't know Mediacom as well as you. I'll buy ya a beer for compensation.


I was pretty confused by my Mediacom bill but it looks like the charge is from the night we were trying to figure out all of the different On Demand items I got for free. It seems likely that one of us selected the movie on accident. It could be a problem with Mediacom too, but I don't see how I could prove that. I will just accept your beer and move on.


Quite the conversations we had going here. I'm not sure why I decided to look back at old comments but this looked like a good place to let you know that I finished Fringe the other night and have moved on to Sherlock as my next show.


The new sherlock? Isn't that only 1 season?

And I don't think I ever bought you a beer specifically, so I'm not going to.


Currently it has 3 seasons with 3 episodes each, and a 4th season coming in 2016. I'm not sure why they have released the seasons 2 years apart but at least it should be easy to keep up on. All the episodes are an hour and a half as well so it is more like 6 episode seasons. So far it is excellent though and won't be a big time commitment to get through a good show. I'd recommend it if you have some free time.

I won't worry about the beer...until I want one.