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7:30 AM

8.5 mi


6:57 mi


70 F


6 / 10
6 / 10
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I got pollux to delay his weekend goal (a long run) until Sunday so I could do a workout on fresher legs (and try not to think about the lack of fresh legs tomorrow I guess). 7:30AM and cloudy meant great conditions in Windsor. We warmed-up for 2 miles, hit the bathroom, progressed the warm-up with another mile near tempo pace-ish, then circled the soccer fields looking for our course.

I settled on a circle around 4 smaller fields that would be close to 400m, not that we had many markers to keep every lap the exact same. My goal was just to get some speed back in the legs, maybe start with 10mile pace and work down to 5k. I led the 1st and casually settled under 5:30 pace.

Then I let Pollux lead and he took off, maybe antsy, maybe thrilled, maybe confused, but his pace was under 5:00 pace. I thought about saying something, but I was drafting and feeling alright. So this became more of an alternating paces workout, 3 at my 10k, 3 at pollux's 3k pace. Then I led 1 more somewhere in between, 5k pace I guess. Finished with 4 fast strides.

I think we both finished feeling fresh still, which was the goal. I'm happy with our pace and especially that we did it all on grass. Acknowledgments to the weather and a workout partner.