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5:00 AM

13 mi


6:56 mi


80 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Leg 1: 5.4 miles in 33min. First time opening up the relay and was happy to keep it easy. I let the top 3 go-ahead and they quickly took the wrong way (just a slight shortcut on the road). I was unsure but did take the correct way. I was soon joined by 1 then another guy that brought the pace closer to 6. A girl joined us around 2 miles as well. I enjoyed some chatting on the easiest that I would feel all weekend.

With a 1/2 mile to go, we were unsure on the correct path as we tentatively left the bike path to run the road. It was the correct way, but as I was waving at a car to make sure, I suddenly hit a waist-high stake in the ground (for a sign or reflector I guess). It didn't feel too bad as I was going much slower and it sort of glanced off me. I was mostly pissed about a hole in my new shirt. Then a minute later I raised my shirt and found a solid right angle cut on my stomach. It wasn't bleeding and didn't seem too deep, but it didn't look good. Anyway, a slight pickup with the 2 dudes to finish comfortably. I would later find a doctor on another team and they seemed to agree it didn't cut deep enough to be immediately concerned.

Leg 7: 5.4 miles in 38min with 1000ft gain. A new leg for me on some steep gravel climbs. 3 miles uphill with a brutal 3rd mile. I chased another guy the whole way but just gradually gained, never close to catching. The downhill wasn't too fun as I was tired and my back got beat up.

Leg 12? Miler's Leg: 2 single miles in 13min. Did not feel good on these, I think the downhill ended any good running for me for the day. Both in about 6:15 pace and the 2nd mile was short.

Happy with my fitness on the first 2 legs, just going to have to forget the miles. My achilles was hardly noticeable while running, though stiff when I would sit for a while.