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11:30 AM

9 mi


6:20 mi


65 F


7 / 10
5 / 10
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Drew's House


1st success in a while. Lunch run with Drew before I leave CR. I was determined to do a workout, and maybe that determination made all the difference (or it could have been some OTC drugs or the cooler temps). We started the tempo after 2 miles, though to be fair the 2nd mile was 6:20 as we ramped up to tempo.

1st mile in 5:49 trying to find our pace. We flaked on the 2nd mile going 5:59 that did include a 180 turn. Found our pace again in 5:48. The 4th mile was to be our last. I wasn't feeling good enough to add another mile so maybe picked it up just to finish faster, 5:32.

Nothing really impressive about this workout, but at least I made it through. Not sure I'll be able to find racing fitness in 3 weeks (assuming I can replicate feeling decent).