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2020 will certainly go down as a most unique year.


Since racing was in short supply, mileage was the big winner this year. I ran just over 2600miles for an average of over 7miles a day (or about 8 per actual run). This is my highest since 2014's 2800+. Time wise it was my 4th best year ever. No month was crazy, not even a 300mile month sadly, which I haven't done since 2016. I also got a marathon in, so my longest run since 2014 as well.


3 true races is of course my lowest yearly race total since I started competing. They did go well though. 1) a controversial indoor 3k win, but happy with the time. 2) an awkward and less than stellar 2k steeple that was still my fastest time in years. 3) A commanding and feel good win at Pleasant Creek 15k.

Time Trials

3 solo time trials and 1 marathon with Retro, Gonzo, and Odin (biking). All were successful and rewarding in ways. But none were really comparable to other performances. I've never really done solo time trials like this before and the marathon was in far-from-optimal conditions and not treated as an attempt to go as fast as possible. Still, the marathon was fun and the time trials now provide a benchmark going forward. Still not sure I'll be claiming a new 4mile XC PR but who knows.


Clearly races aren't back fully yet. Hopefully there will be a few spring options, though likely just on the roads. If I'm ambitious, and I want to be, then I'll do some track time trials. But if a quality race is on any horizon, then that may become the goal.

In any case, I'm happy with my training and the new year's goal remains the same as every year: Run More & Race Faster!



Philosophy 101- the more you run, the faster you will be!


I'm trying not to be that simplistic these days, mostly because I know I'm not getting back to my biggest mileage years.


Yeah, Emma and I had a conversation about this since, depending on the season, we end up doing more "cross training" than running.