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3:30 PM

15 mi


6:36 mi


155 lb


5 F


7 / 10
6 / 10


In Cedar Rapids for 1 run on my way to Dubuque. I rejected Drew by doing a long run on Sunday, but I still told Drew that I would run with him for whatever he wanted. I didn't actually think he would seriously request a long run from me, but he did. And he never masked his intentions. But I did it because I'm a man of my word (a more accurate reason would probably be because I'm stubborn and too prideful to do the smart thing).

It was another windy and cold day, but the sun was out. The sun was nice but it did create more sweat/freeze cycles than I am used to. We did about 3 miles into the wind or on lousy surfaces. But once we got on the clean bike path, we cruised.

I refused to look at my watch, waiting for Drew to say something. He did ask once what my plan was but I waved him off. When I finally decided to check our distance, we were already over 7 miles. I said I'm not doing 16 again, so we turned back at 7.5.

Drew admitted to feeling really good, and nothing gets my adrenaline going like wanting to make Drew hurt. I said I was feeling alright, but it was really just some concern for groin and knee tweaks that I was feeling. My legs were feeling great. We kept on cruising and I forced the issue on the uphills.

The final miles were a bit slower again as the roads weren't ideal. Drew was also feeling his toe and then had to stop for an arch issue (now I felt bad). Still, we finished a solid run and as I've been saying for a week, it's time to take it easy (also 74 miles the last 7 days, pretty, pretty, good).



This is classic!

Kim Horner

This made me giggle out loud. Nice miles the last week too!