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9:30 AM

7 mi


7:26 mi



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High Trestle


Quite windy already, and I tried to avoid it in town instead of just running straight into it to start. That worked moderately. Mostly just getting through the week and hitting mileage.

81 for the week, quite nice. I had a couple of 80's in 2016 as well as an 80 and 84 in 2015. I thought about doubling yesterday to get 85 and then I could say it was my most miles in a week since my last marathon training in 2014. Instead, I decided to look at hours run, and that's when my goal today became 50min to hit 10hours this week. And since I run slower now (or maybe more accurately, I no longer assume everything is 7min pace), this is my 1st 10hour week since 2014.

I think I would have been happy with even 70 this week. And hopefully, the 3 normal days to finish the week will mean I'm ready to feel good for next week. Or next week will be recovery since I don't have a plan and then I'll have to force myself into going after it again, who knows.