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6:00 AM

9 mi


7:00 mi


153 lb


65 F


5 / 10
4 / 10
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George Wyth


Didn't run yesterday to see if that helps my ankle (the left one is the main problem); it started off alright today and got better, hopefully just icing will do.

So I met up with Scott Gall and a recent CF grad and lordy did Scott just take off. If this was how Scott ran all the time then no wonder he was stronger the tougher the race. I wasn't in trouble of falling off pace but my legs were expecting recovery and were not happy, especially being in the back behind 2 shorter guys who just whipped through the many curves and turns. We left the high schooler after 4 or so and then we gradually slowed down somewhat, though by then I was warmed up and ready to roll. Scott told me he wanted to start out hard for some kind of heart-rate training and also to teach the kid some kind of lesson (not to drop him, but I'm not really sure why). I hadn't really ran with just Scott before, it was fun to get to know him some and I'm betting I'll be running with him more as he's made a commitment to running every morning at 6:15 and I'm getting used to this group running thing again.