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6:30 PM

5 mi


7:24 mi


80 F


4 / 10
2 / 10
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A later run as Pollux put in a 10+ hour day. I put in 2 miles before he started and knew I was feeling Saturday quite a bit more than Sunday. Or maybe it was just running in the sun. The conditions felt great in the shade, but Windsor isn't known for shade (side note: ran around their high school, they are the Windsor Wizards and have a Gandolf-like statue out front).

Pollux joined me for a fast 3 miles that I was ready to be done with.


Emma Spoon

Rebel and I have been having a lot of debates and conversation about school mascots as we travel. His dad's high school was the Midgets. We've been brainstorming better mascots for Cook County than the Vikings. Anyway, I LOVE the Wizards! That's awesome!

Also, best of luck in Headwaters and enjoy the West. We look forward to joining you next week!