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9:00 AM

7 mi


6:31 mi


160 lb


35 F


7 / 10
5 / 10


Going out slow because I don't know what will happen. Plenty of kids kicked out in front of me, but I didn't have to fight for position ever and got by most quickly, settling into 60th place I would think. The first couple miles were weird moments of feeling like I was going too easy and then feeling uneasy about maintaining composure.

I never did a great job of drafting when the wind was in my face, but it wasn't a big deal (when you're only passing people, it never feels good to slow down to stay with someone).

The back half of the race felt closer to normal, just trying to pass people while getting pretty tired after every steep uphill. It was starting to get pretty sparse after the 'Short and Hard' section when I last passed someone. I think I was on my own or passed 1 person from there until the final big hill. Upon reaching the final hill, I found a good number of guys in front of me, which both motivated me and depressed me that I would have to push. I only passed 1 guy uphill to the false summit but did a great job of pushing after that. I bet I passed close to 10 people in the final 3/4 mile as I had enough speed in my legs to cruise down each dip and use momentum to get through the few final bunny hills.

Not sure how to feel about this race. I enjoyed it much more than last year, but still ran slower. Really haven't had many good races in the past year and didn't place high enough today to feel like all's not lost. Time to get healthy and once that is confirmed, I can determine where my true fitness is.