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7:00 AM

18 mi


6:57 mi


153 lb


55 F


7 / 10
5 / 10


Figured I'd get parts of my long run with others, but that didn't end up happening. So I headed out on my own, mostly taking it easy and keeping track of potential problem areas. I must have had a good mindset for this run since I never really thought about how much further I had to go. I took my time (~9 miles) getting to Hartman, then puttered around on the hills (again, 1st hill was leg-crushing) and soon I was nearing 15 miles. Finished the last few miles on the bike path, feeling quite weary after 2 hours of running, but still had some strength left.

Personal Milestones: Longest run in nearly 4 years; Tied for most miles in 6 days; Most miles in 2 week period, but not most in 3 week period (unless I run 13 tomorrow instead of my planned 0).

But perhaps most importantly, I'm feeling fine and not running mileage just for the sake of mileage: the purpose is to get fit and fast. Of course, depending on how this half goes in 1 week could change my thoughts on the benefits of the past 3 weeks...


Otis Weckwerth

Nice running. It's heartening to see you taking on some heady miles.


Thanks, I appreciate your approval. Miles and miles does seem to be a natural state for me.