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1:00 PM

1600 m


4:49 mi


160 lb


70 F


6 / 10
6 / 10


My alumni team did a little too well and handed it off to me with a 15sec lead. I wasn't too confident though with Patrick Larsen on the Luther team's anchor. I cruised around the first lap and Drew told me it was a 71 lap. Not that that was a tiring lap, but that made me realize I wasn't quite floating around the track like in the workouts I'd done. That thought also led to me likely giving up much hope of keeping a lot of distance between me and Patrick.

I held my pace alright for the next 2 laps, but wasn't pushing like I should have as I waited for the catch. He caught me with about 500 to go and it seemed he would be content to just follow me for now. So I led us into the windy backstretch, and purposely slowed the pace - partly hoping he would take the lead, mostly just getting ready for the final kick.

He started kicking at 200 and I started as well. My hope was to keep him outside of me but I made the mistake of thinking he backed off after I held off his first move. Instead he got around at 150 and got 2 or 3 meters on me. That lead would pretty much stay the same the final 100. Drew said 66 for the final lap, but not sure of the last 200.

Not a fast time, but at least I didn't give up. Probably should have been more aggressive and tried to get him to go out too fast. In hindsight, I probably should have been our 2nd runner as Luther had a guy run 4:40, which I likely could have done.

Bad news is I need some time off. I've ran through this injury for a week and it's not feeling better. I'll give it a few days before considering a diagnosis.