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8:30 AM

5 mi


7:36 mi


35 F


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I've decided on a course of action! Next week will be a big mileage week.

Now that I got the rah-rah out of the way. All this really means is I gave myself a reason (read as: excuse) to go easy today and pushed off any harder efforts for another day.

Not much happening in Ankeny this morning. I discovered and ran on a quarter-mile of "back-alley" sidewalks around an elementary that I don't think I've seen before. No strides, more laziness, can I call this basically a 50mile week?


Emma Spoon

I'm going to try and join you in a big-mileage week, as we should be running together in Moab right now, which would surely lead to solid efforts and fun in the sun. We're mourning the loss of the trip pretty deeply here, especially as winter keeps ahold of the trails, and we only have mud season to look ahead to. Tough times to find great motivation to run a lot, but here's to many hours of "free" time.


Yes, there is a lot to mourn and then feel a tad guilty about feeling that way.

Mud season is what central Iowa has right now, which isn't helping of course.