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8:30 AM

9 mi


10:00 mi


160 lb


80 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Met up with Chris Nealy and Kevin Brown for a long run. We're all probably in worse shape than our last run together 2 years ago. The difference is that Chris has lived here since then, and even I've been here a week, but Kevin just arrived from Iowa yesterday and isn't much of a trail runner to begin with.

We started at Chautauqua in Boulder, lots of people around and I remembered I ran here once before on a trip, also where I did some barefoot and acquired a thorn in my foot for a week. Unfortunately, I did not remember the nice route from last time and we proceeded straight up the mountain. It was paved to start but damn steep and Kevin was having some trouble. We walked a bit to help him out but kept going up. It got more rocky after that and Kevin was well behind. Soon, Chris and I decided that we should turn back if we wanted to see Kevin at all.

I finally took a look at a map and remembered the name "Enchanted Mesa." We headed towards that and had 5 good miles of moderate climbing (though Kevin would still lag back and we would return to him from time to time). Lots of other runners on this trail, too.

We tried for a loop, though that forced us into the open and eventually onto a regular old bike path. Nonetheless, we hit 90min right on, which was my initial request.