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7:00 AM

12 mi


7:10 mi


160 lb


55 F


6 / 10
7 / 10
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Day 3

Leg 8 - 4.6 miles - 34:30 - 7:30 pace

Somewhat of the marquee leg of day 3 as it ends at the highest point. It starts with a 500ft gain which felt pretty good. Some flat/rollers for a couple miles that you just spend worrying about energy expenditure before the final 200ft climb. That last climb was rough but I stayed strong.

Leg 11 - 2.2 miles - 15min - 7pace

Still felt good with a short rest and cruised up the 300ft climb. And finally, a downhill that felt great.

Leg 17 - 2.5 miles - 15min - 6:30pace

Another split leg, this time alternating miles with Kim. I started with a too-short mile that was more like 6min pace. The 2nd mile had even more sandy roads as well as an uphill so I was closer to 6:10. Not to mention a too-long mile. I finished with a half mile since that is what's left of the leg.

Leg 19 - 1.5 miles - something

The final leg of the relay, I did a half mile at one point and then maybe a mile after that. Getting pretty slow as we were sure of 3rd place and of course I was quite weak by this point.