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6:00 PM

6 mi


7:00 mi


153 lb


40 F


4 / 10
2 / 10
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Cedar Falls


I expected to be tired for this run, but I started off feeling refreshed after a day off. 24minutes in and I hit the wall I was expecting. The reason being I haven't had much to eat lately, with the purging on Sunday and not wanting to eat on Monday. On top of that, I had bloodwork done on Tuesday (unrelated to sickness) that I had to fast for 12 hours. So I don't have much energy, and still don't feel like eating much.

Weather Note: Though I like that the temps are on the rise, today was just full of puddles (ponds even), and the water was still cold, making for cold toes.

Weather Note 2: And then! even by the end of the run, the not-so-deep water spots starting freezing over to ice. Not a good day to get into a rhythm.