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3:30 PM

3000 m


5:01 mi


156 lb


35 F


5 / 10
5 / 10
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Ames Track


Compared to my last race a month ago, I'd say I took better care of my legs before the race but didn't quite have as much spring in my step. Confident going in and hoping for something around my sophomore 3k time (9:23). I messed around for a few laps but managed to get behind a guy doing just my pace. I haven't hung with anyone for a while and had a range of feelings from wanted to pass him to wanting to drop off early. Happy I stuck with him for probably 6 laps, but still let him get away when I got less motivated about my time and position. One guy came back to me and I had a sloppy kick to pass him easily. For some reason, I thought I ran over 9:30, so just finding out it was 9:19 was nice. Basically I'm on the right track. Need to continue getting back into general all-around runner shape, and it wouldn't hurt to feel much smoother at 5-minute pace.

ISU Qualifier