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6:00 AM

8 mi


6:38 mi


153 lb


75 F


6 / 10
3 / 10


Spent a few minutes in bed debating what I should do, I went from thinking about not running, to thinking an easy run with Hazard would be good (He was crashing at my place, he declined the run), to joining the group and finding out they didn't do a workout yesterday, they were doing it today. I don't know why they postponed it, but it certainly wasn't for better weather - almost 80 and humid already. The 20min warmup was about as bad as I felt since before Dam-to-Dam as my lower legs were very stiff. I was about to just head home but something stopped me and I stuck around.

Workout was 4 x mile tempo, but it certainly wasn't my version of tempo. I did 5:13, 5:15, 5:18 before calling it a day. It was quite rough but at least I felt better than the warmup.