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5:30 AM

8 mi


7:15 mi


55 F


4 / 10
5 / 10
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Another early morning run as I didn't get sleepy afterward yesterday as expected. Today was probably the best my achilles has felt right away, though it still took us a few miles to hi 7min pace. Pollux wanted us to do a loop we've done before and I was wary but with much less traffic it was actually fine (other than Pollux slipping on some mud and flailing into the road with a car approaching...). I actually chatted for a while (these morning runs tend to be quieter) about a prior race and the whole 2nd half of the run went by fast.

I had desires for a workout today, though that was more motivated by being my last day in CO and with Pollux rather than being a good day to do it. I probably could have pulled it off but it took 4 miles before I was feeling decent and I had aborted the plan by then. Plus, it seems the hammys could use a little more recovery.