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10:30 AM

7 mi


6:48 mi


25 F


5 / 10
6 / 10
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After running a few errands around town I thought I'd drive up to Ada Hayden for my run, aka where I did the 10mile time trial 2 months ago. Still a popular spot despite the cold. I spent more time exploring this time, some side paths and mainly the non-paved big loop that was somewhat plowed (maybe just trodden on a bunch to be compact, sometimes icy). Not to mention finally doing the bridge that I circled many times during the time trial.

After 3 miles I picked up the pace for 4miles at Steady-State (aka, lazy tempo, aka too-fast distance). I stayed under 6:30 and it felt good, though not without some hiccoughs. I stopped at a bathroom just a half mile in but still got back on pace easily. Close to 2miles I twisted my right ankle while going wide on some snow to pass someone. It should heal fine and maybe was a reminder to slow down as I still hit 6:11 for the mile even with the twist and slow down.

Last 2 miles were 6:25 and finished with bounding up a hill 3x.