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4:00 PM

9 mi


6:47 mi


50 F


6 / 10
3 / 10
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Fort Collins


Weird, confusing workout. Pollux got off early on this warm day and we joined many others at a park. 2mile warmup, where we planned to do a semi-structured fartlek. We would alternate leading and the leader would choose the effort and length. In the end, though, we had to have done 2 each of a 4min, 3min, 2min, & 1min piece.

Pollux started off strong right off the bat with 4min at freaking 5:15 average. All I was thinking is now everything has to be faster than that?! I just went with 1min at 5min pace on a downhill. But mostly I was just hoping to find a bathroom near the dog park as my stomach was sour.

Pollux took a 3min piece at a slower pace than the 4min, though it did include a small hill. I, unfortunately, had apparently opened the floodgates as I just turned us around, did another 3min piece (same pace, but downhill so it was pretty much tempo), and went right back into the same bathroom.

Next, Pollux did another 4min at that same fast pace. And I was left chasing and debating whether or not to tell him to turn towards another bathroom. I opted not to right as we went past 2min, which meant this piece would be 4min. This was probably the best I felt today, but I still turned us right around and did another 1min right to the bathroom. Pollux led one last fast 2min piece and I kept up the tradition, meaning I turned around and went straight for the bathroom (letting Pollux do 1 more piece without me). TMI, I have no clue how so much came out of me.

I can't think of a time that I've ever had (basically) diarrhea on a run. Odd, too, that I didn't feel sick otherwise. Yes, my stomach hurt and it wasn't a great workout, but I still did a lot of fast work and even felt decent at times. Just a lot of bad bowels this past week, while also having some good runs.