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9:00 AM

4 mi


8:00 mi


55 F


2 / 10
2 / 10
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Thursday night at the visitation, I felt a tad off sitting and being inside a church all evening. Woke up fine on Friday but gradually felt the same way.. Then a lot of standing my my hamstrings feel stretched out. The airplanes and airports and smoky cars made everything worse and by the time I got to DC, my nose was congested and my back ached. It was a great relief to get to the hotel, even if it was past midnight, and I was feeling optimistic.

Instead I felt ill enough that I couldn't get to sleep and ended up watching the end of Interstellar until 3AM or so. At least I managed to fall asleep after that.

I did wake up feeling slightly better. Not that the run was great. But it wasn't terrible. 4 strides in the middle. I stopped after 4 but Joe Ruvudo grabbed me for another quarter mile.