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5:30 PM

7 mi


7:00 mi


153 lb


95 F


5 / 10
5 / 10
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George Wyth


Joined the high school group Hilltoppers again. This was their last meeting so I knew I wasn't committing to any more runs with them. Their workout was a progressive tempo: 3 miles, with every 1/2 mile dropping 10sec off the previous 1/2 mile time (so my group started at 7min pace, 3:30 for 1/2 mile, and ended at 5:20 pace, 2:40 for 1/2 mile). I had the fastest group (only 2 guys) but wasn't sure if any would finish the workout. I was down to 1 guy at halfway and he kept pace until the last 800. I wasn't sure how I'd feel, but I felt pretty good, not really smooth at these unfamiliar paces though. Still, I was fairly pumped after the workout and started to get some miles on my own, but quickly wanted to finish and only ran 7.