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4:30 PM

8 mi


8:45 mi


70 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Starting off August with a run over an hour, pretty good even if I didn't intend it.

I tried some trails a little closer to Laramie, seemed fine, less rocky but wetter than Vedauvoo. I memorized a small part of the map, starting out right and staying right. One of those rights did lead to a dead-end parking lot, but I knew that was a possibility. I eventually made it near the summit after 3+ miles and figured it was time to head back.

So I took the next 2 lefts as I descended back to my car. What I didn't realize is that 2nd left put me back on my original path; turns out the summit was much closer to my starting point than I realized. Sadly, it took me almost a mile to realize that I'd been on this path before. I was confused, backtracked some looking for an intersection, then returned to make sure that I'd seen this same bridge before. I did remember the 2nd left and concluded that must have been the wrong turn. But I also knew I couldn't be too far from that other parking lot and knew that had to get me back via the gravel road.

Though I was correct about getting back, it ended up being a bit further than desired and longer than if I had gone back by trail. over 2 miles and another 400ft of elevation gain on gravel made me feel like I was back at headwaters.