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6:30 AM

19 mi


6:35 mi


160 lb


35 F


7 / 10
7 / 10


This long run starts with an awkward story. The group was meeting about a mile from my apartment, so I just ran over there. On my warm-up, I saw a group approaching on the other side of the street. It didn't seem right that my group would be running this way, but it looked like the right combination of some middle-aged guys, some young guys, and 1 tall woman. So I ran over to them, but of course as I searched each face, I realized that I knew none of these people. They started saying good morning (likely wondering what I was doing), and I should have said something like "oops, wrong group" or "good morning", but instead looked confused and then ran away in the direction I had been running. In retrospect, I should have yelled "April Fools!" and sprinted away.

Anyway, I found my group where they were supposed to be. However I didn't realize the bulk of the group opted for a different location. All that was left were the 3 that wanted a faster long run (Yelena wanted 14miles @6:20). I was planning on the faster group, but now I didn't have any options to join people if I dropped off the pace.

Thankfully I felt pretty good, and glad I got some warm-up (the other 3 had started at 6:30) since we started the tempo nearly right away. The first 2 miles were hilly and the pace jumped around, but then we had a long downhill leading into the flat bike paths by the river. We were consistently faster than planned, running closer to 6:10. The plan all along was to stop at the YMCA for water/bathroom around 7 miles, which I wasn't a huge fan of as I worried my legs wouldn't like the stop. They didn't, but it wasn't too hard to find the pace again.

The next few miles went by fast and I felt good. It wasn't until the final 14th mile when I was trying to hold back that I started to feel the tiredness, then the cool-down felt terrible. I don't think it would have been too bad, but it was all uphill and still quick when I just wanted to shuffle. Solid run overall, and next week is devoted to recovery.