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10:30 AM

10 mi


6:18 mi


160 lb


45 F


7 / 10
6 / 10
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Drew's House


Tempo workout with Drew. 3x9min, each one faster, 3min between. 2.5 mile warmup felt good.

1st segment started fast, 5:50 mile as we tried to find the pace. Slowed down after that but it was uphill and into the wind. Wasn't as comfortable as I'd like.

2nd segment started downhill so we started fast but ended up being pretty consistent at just over 5:40 pace the whole way. Felt tired during but recovered well.

The last segment was suppose to be 5:30, but started off fast again. After seeing we'd be closer to 5:20, I tried to just hold onto it so we'd have some leeway. It wasn't easy for sure, I checked my watch way too much and it was never as far as I wanted. 5:22 first mile, slowed slightly on a decent hill but held on.