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7:00 PM

1 mi


4:47 mi


160 lb


65 F


5 / 10
6 / 10


Got to my car, put on my flats. They're always a bit tricky so I didn't double knot then with the plan to readjust later. But I assumed the men's race would be 15min after the women's, instead it was still on time. So everyone was lined up when I got there. I still had time for a stride and a bathroom break, but I didn't do any form drills and forgot about my shoes.

Gun goes off and immediately notice my left shoe is untied. I thought about stopping for a second but that seemed dumb. Plus, it didn't seem to be getting looser. 1st quarter felt quick but not bad. The 2nd quarter was odd as the wind picked up and I tried to draft, but everyone in front of me were just dropping back like flies so I just kept it going by myself.

I stuck with Andrew Hamer (Central) on the 3rd quarter, just feeling drained, but got shook into action when I heard some people cheer for Thompson behind me. Kicked well enough and got 10th, 3rd in age group. Oh yeah, and my other shoe became untied before the finish.

Actually happy with my fitness, if not with how the race went down. I started conservatively and without confidence, but still finished alright with a 4:47. My worst Grand Blue Mile, for sure, still on the way back.