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7:00 AM

9 mi


7:14 mi


80 F


7 / 10
8 / 10
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Leg 2: 4.5 miles in 31min with 500ft gain. I started from the exchange solidly in 5th, so I had someone to chase. This one would gradually get steeper and steeper. I passed into 4th right as it got really steep, suffered a bit longer, then enjoyed a quick and short downhill.

Leg 5: 2.4 miles in 19min with 800ft gain. A somewhat quick turnaround but just needed to grind for a bit. I didn't have anyone to catch unfortunately and certainly felt super tired at times.

Leg 12: 2.2 miles in 15min with 400ft gain. Another short leg as I was the only one to triple today. Cool to start the exchange right with 3 other teams, but none of them would be close. I did this leg last year as well about 30sec faster but had someone to chase then.