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7:00 AM

19 mi


7:10 mi


160 lb


40 F


5 / 10
4 / 10


As I worried last night, this run did not start off great, but ended up not being too bad at least. I ran a mile to meet everyone (@ a lovely 8:30 pace), we then did a 3mi quick loop that felt fast but was more like 7:30 pace. Someone wanted to do 10miles of tempo or marathon pace, or something, but the pace wasn't much faster than normal. Still, I just stuck to the back of the large pack, feeling like I was hanging on, and tried not to step in puddles (it was raining the whole run, and my rain jacket was not doing it's job btw).

I guess we had been itching towards 6:30 pace, but it wasn't until I edged up towards the front of the group that I started to feel decent. We hit a few miles in the 6:20's while some of the group peeled off before I turned off for an emergency rest stop.

The wind and rain hit me really hard after this stop at the Holiday Inn, especially since I wasn't sure if I'd find my group again while I was only at 14 miles. Thankfully they had all regrouped at the YMCA.

We ran down Ingersoll, and I could have just turned off and been 3 min from a hot shower at 16miles, but I kept trucking along to get 18. However, no one turned to go directly to the start, so we looped around Roosevelt, giving me 19+ for the day, running the last few with Kramer (Even he called it quits at 19 in this weather, and he's a guy that does 30mi on a treadmill).

I got my hot shower in, hoping the quick heat wasn't a dumb idea with cold fingers. Unfortunately my plan of staying inside for hours was shortly delayed as I needed to take Arlo for a walk.

So after planning a race this week and then cancelling that, somehow this turned into a higher mileage week (well maybe not that high, but at least I got out of the 50's rut). Ended up taking Sunday off so I missed out on 70, but not a big deal.