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4:30 PM

8 mi


6:45 mi


60 F


6 / 10
5 / 10
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Grand Marais


A completely different weather day than the workout I hitched onto last week, but still pleasant. We started with a slightly prolonged 3-mile warmup on some hillier roads. I joined Rebel for the 2mile tempo piece, and that proved to be harder than anticipated.

We started downhill but into the wind so I think we pushed to get to a fast pace but overshot and just continued that pace as we fed off each other. 5:10 first mile, continued that pace for another half, then slowed slightly while twisting through the campground for a 5:20 2nd mile.

Not (underscore) what I or we had in mind. Legs felt fine but I wasn't aerobically ready for that. Rebel seemed surprised but ok with it. The 2nd part of the workout was a faster cutdown mile, but I did the opposite and paced Emma for hers. Not my best pacing as I started at my previous pace, slowed back down, then picked it up for the last half.

A little harder workout than I would have allowed myself, but happy that I wouldn't have expected it to feel halfway doable.