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7:00 AM

45 mi


14:29 mi


80 F


9 / 10
2 / 10
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Land o'Lakes..north of Tampa....3 out and back spur trails equaling 10 miles done 10 times...DNF........with Joe Church, Laura Yoder, Mike Gagliardi, Ryan Trimmer, and Kurt O....was expecting the terrain to be harder..the main path to spur trails was a paved bike of spur trails were hard packed ground, some parts sand, some parts dirt, roots, rutted up path....i was on my mark in regards to pace for most part..trail was open to sun so got warmer than i wanted. i mentally wasn't prepared for it. continuously seeing the same people over and over the whole day sucked. i wore brooks sneakers most of the run...left knee/leg aching more than i wanted due to flat and hard surface. thought about fighting through, but decided to quite right before it got dark. Joe quit at mile 60, Laura quit at mile 65...Mike finished in 18 hrs 50 mins....Ryan and Kurt also finished. the course was bad, but am thinking I'd want to go back next year to redeem the DNF.