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8:35 AM

32.6 mi


13:34 mi


40 F
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CTS Exmoor


Race with TED in Exmoor national park about 2.5 hours from his house. He was sick the night before with cold,nose. We did well and enjoyed the day.

Good race, very challenging conditions. Rainy. Warmish when wind protected but cold and nasty when exposed.

Last 6-7 mile loop was very muddy. Caught Erkel. Lots of sheep poop everywhere on the course. Well marked. Aid stations nothing like the U.S. (only water, gummi bears, a few biscuits, and flapjacks).

Forgot to turn off watch at end (maybe about 4 mins or so?)

I went through about 5 bottles of maltodextrin/EFS and 4 waffles I think. Wasn't that thirsty but think I should have had a bit more water in the beginning as I was pretty thirsty by the end. Sugar taste started getting old with waffles.

PF in right foot Sunday. Legs not bad at all - Right Hamstring sore Sun/Mon. Both glutes and Right hammy got sore in race which is getting old.

Very muddy.