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7:00 AM

67.6 mi


10:36 mi


85 F

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Left Lateral Knee began "acting up" 6-7 hours into it. Could barely move. Got worse when I walked so had to make self run and would then ease up. Just tried to keep moving. I think if knee hadn't been so bad I would have been able to get a couple of more miles. Nearly dropped a a few times as I couldn't shake the pain. Glad I didn't.

I think the pain is my IT band as it crosses the joint. when it tightens, it pulls joint.

Right Achilles very sore ans visibly swollen today.

Did well with nutrition, hydration, salt. AFs, S! Caps, Gels, Solution, Mt Dew and Coke. Didn't eat anything solid.

Bandana with ice every 3 miles form about 3 hours on.

First win, ever. Assuming healthy would like to shoot for 70+ next year.

Stoped with about 4 mins to go as I wouldn't have had time to get in another lap.